Copy Of Foresters Pub Quiz

Foresters Pub Quiz

This is a night for locals, created by locals. We don't mind if the holiday makers wish to compete, but bring your A game. 

Its £6 per head, this includes a small bite made by our chef. There are some little prizes too and our aim for this night is to be fun, laid back and just generally a good laugh for all attending and hosting. 

Our quiz is written by our lovely Lucy, she comes up with the most interesting subjects which entertains everyone... for example the "Who's your daddy?" round. Which had everyone giggling. We buy her wine for her efforts, I do however wonder if she is drinking the wine, while thinking up these quirky rounds. 

Our Compare is the wonderful ex-northerner, Hampshire convert Matt, occasionally assisted by his wife Shannon (when he can't pronounce something). Although we pretend like we don't understand him anyway. There may be some teasing involved. He gets rewarded in Cider for his hard work. He doesn't mind. 

We do this once a month on a Monday. 

Our 2023/24 dates:

3 Oct / 6 Nov / 4 Dec / 8 Jan / 5 Feb / 

4 Mar / 15 Apr / 13 May / 3 Jun / 8 Jul


Please do call and book in for the quiz on 01425652294. We get full very quickly. This is not available to book online.