Musings of the new Corner House Manager...

/ By Sadie

You can have breakfast by candle light in The Corner House. And if you wanted cake afterwards no one would judge you. The coffee is roasted by Fran in his back garden, the gin is made at Twisted Nose down the road, Elizabeth provides excellent lime and courgette cake and the crooked building that contains these pleasures is littered with curiosities. A prohibition tea pot here, a victorian ladle there, an ancient type writer and old church pews made comfy by plumped cushions.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, there's something for everyone. Wednesday evenings are for vegetarians. It's all delicious.
Go alone and chat to the staff, become an old friend, or take someone you love.
Tuesday evenings there's live music, fine wines, cheese and charcuterie. Shout out a request. They're a small independent who support independents and they love what they do. The Corner house is local, loyal and just lovely.