Customer Journey

The Mucky Duck Customer Journey

  • Upon arrival please wait in the designated area to be seated. You will be given a copy of “The House Rules” and asked to sanitise your hands.
  • You will then be taken to a freshly sanitised table where we will take and deliver your drinks order.
  • When you are ready for more drinks please place your glasses at the end of the table and we will hopefully re-appear like magic!
  • Patience is a virtue. Please remain seated at all times unless you need to pop to the loo.
  • Hungry?? Our kitchen may be closed today. However, if you fancy a take- away that’s cool by us but we will charge you the huge sum of £1 per person for a plate, knife & fork and for washing up! Again - when all finished please just leave at the end of the table and we will remove.
  • We are adhering to all the Government guidelines. Sanitisers are everywhere. Please use them. We will be!
  • When visiting the loo there may be a queue. Again patience please. There is a one- way system and one in/one out policy to keep us all safe.
  • Any questions please ask!